This Picture needs some explanation so that you may fully understand the confusion this picture brings with it.  The picture was taken in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  New Hampshire is in the between Maine and Massachusetts.  WHICH MEANS that a sign in New Hampshire pointing to both Maine and Massachusetts is CRAZY!!!!  (Click Here or on the Picture for larger view)












This Picture was taken by an acquaintance of mine some years ago.  I find it hysterically funny.  Obviously this acquaintance had to much time on her hands to go through the trouble of taking a picture of me and making it look like this.  Either way it is good stuff. 










Honestly who had the amazing idea to say that there gangs who were just married?






For those of you familiar with the movie Office Space this phrase should stick out.  Yes I took this picture and it was one of the best days of my life to find a printer that said "PC LOAD LETTER."