Last Updated: November 23, 2003



The Matrix Revolutions


This movie does not deserve a full movie review.  I will dispense with a complete list of bashing because honestly it has been a great deal of time since I saw the movie and when I sat down to write the review.  I would recommend this, try not to read or listen to anyone who is reviewing the movie until it comes out on video and then rent it and watch it.  It really is not worth the price to see it in the theater however it should be seen to concluded the trilogy.  Overall I do not rate the movie so no stars for this one. 

Matchstick Men


I recently saw this film and I must say that I was disappointed.  This movie stars Nicolas Cage and Sam Rockwell and Alison Lohman. 

The story is about Cage and Lohman who are partners in crime to use the cliché.  Cage has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  During the film Cage finds is fourteen year old daughter, who he has never seen.  The cons continue and Cage finds himself conflicted between his life as a con artist and being a good father. 

I have enjoyed several of Nicolas Cage's previous movies such as Con Air, Windtalkers and The Rock.  While these movies are primarily action films I knew the he was a fairly good actor and was interested in seeing this film.  The problem with this movie was not the acting.  In fact Cage who plays a Con Artist with with OCD, did a good job.  As I watched the film I thought how hard it would be able to be that character. 

The movie story line was carefully done.  For those of you who want to enjoy the movie do not read on.  The movie has a twist at the end.  I usually am huge fan of twist ending movies, especially if I personally do not see them coming.  While I did not for see the movie ending as it did, it was not enough for me to like the movie. 

The movie was not a comedy, nor was it a movie about a father reuniting with his daughter.  While that is the movie you think you are watching you quickly come to the conclusion that is not the case.  The movie just lacked something.... what it lacked I can not put my finger.  I give it two stars because well it seemed to have a lot going for it but for whatever reason did not come together. 

Stars:                      2 out of 5