A View Into Nick

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A View into Nick:

Alright many of you are no doubt questioning this part of the website.  To the left is a of Nick.  I went to high school with Nick, and I think that everyone high school has at least one kid such has him.  I could go on with an introduction that would simply bore you, but I wont, lets just get to the stories that really make Nick who he is. 


Freshman Year of High School:

Nick's Lunch

Sitting in the mandatory Freshman health class there was the usual gathering of classmates.  The teacher had difficulty controlling the class as most of us in the class had become close friends, and as you have no doubt experienced for yourself when close friends are gathered in one classroom setting superfluous amounts of fun is erupts.  The class lecture was going downhill that day as a few of us made wise cracks about the teachers artistic ability.  She was suppose to be teaching us first aid and her diagrams were lacking in believability.  As a class we had made continuous jokes about the drawings and she was used to it by this point.  Nick had the need to use the bathroom and thus he excused himself from class and preceded to do whatever he had to do in the bathroom.  Being a health class there seems to be some strange unwritten rule that tampons should be stored in the classroom.  Why this happens I will never know, however at my high school it never happened again as far to my knowledge.  While Nick departed to the bathroom, Matt went over to the box that had all the boxes of tampons in it. Matt took one the boxes and went back to his seat which was seated next to Nick's.  Now Nick was one of the few kids in our high school who brought his lunch to school everyday, a fact that he would regret on this day.  Matt opened Nick's backpack and took out the brown paper bag which has become the symbol of so many lunches from home in America.  Nick had his usual of water and a sandwich perhaps a tid-bit of something else, nothing large or fancy a simple meal.  Matt had decided that Nick needed something else in his lunch bag, he opened the tampon box and placed the tampon in the lunch bag, and then carefully closed the bag.  He then placed the lunch bag back into the backpack where he had found it.  While the entire class sat there in hysterics we all realized this joke was only going to work if we shut up and kept straight faces.  We waited for Nick to come back, he was talking longer then expected.  Matt decided that he should place the instructions included in the tampon box in the mesh  pocket on the outside of the bag.  Nick finally came back, and to avoid anyone from breaking face I asked Nick if he had worked on the upcoming project.  He said he had, and the class quickly ended.  We all went to the cafeteria for lunch following class, we sat down and prepared to enjoy our lunches and the prank.  Now Nick had always tried to hit on the Junior and Senior girls, not that it ever got him anywhere with them.  At the table next to us was a Junior named Liz, who was one of Nicks infatuations.  Nick had taken out his lunch bag and was talking to Liz at this point.  He was slightly turned toward to the side in order to talk with her and was not looking as he pulled the contents of his lunch bag out.  Nick grabbed the tampon inside of the back and was confused but the feel and the shape of it, because it did not seem to be anything his mom would pack him for lunch.  (Yes Nick's mom packed his lunch all through high school.)   So he pulled it out and looked at.  The greatest part was that Liz was looking at it at the same time, and gave Nick one of the strangest looks in the history of the world.  Needless to say the six of us at the table with Nick erupted in laughter. 

The Electric Fly

Science class Freshman year was a time spent with playing with fire, cells and electricity.  Now our teacher freshman year had perfected the art of teaching the freshman science class and there was superfluous amounts of fun that occurred over the year.  During our electricity unit the teacher was instructing on conductors.  First he took the sparker from a gas grill off the grill and used it as a small shocker.  He asked for a few volunteers to be shocked.  Several of us went up and received the small shock which was more of a tingle than anything painful.  Our teacher than moved up to a more powerful shocker he had created from another object which eludes me now.  He was telling us about conductivity and how some objects such as metal and water are conductors, and how wood and leather are not.  He wanted to prove it to us so he asked for a volunteer from the class who was wearing a leather belt with buckle.  Nick was chosen as the volunteer.  The teacher explained that since the metal was a conductor and the leather was not Nick would not feel the shock.  Nick was all ready and the teacher placed the shocker to Nicks belt.  The scream that erupted from Nick could only be equaled by a first grade girl.  Apparently the fly of Nick's pants were touching the belt buckle.  Nick told the rest of us after class that his manhood was also touching his zipper and thus felt every jolt of the electricity. 


More to come no doubt..............Do you know Nick send me your story here mark@somethingnice.net